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ETR Key Fob

Apologies if it’s been quiet around here for a while. That’s because I’ve been collaborating with K Avery from St Leonards British Accesories on this rather nice looking leather key fob. A friend and I had been discussing the idea of producing a leather key fob around the same time I first met K and I suggested we do something together. I showed K what we had been thinking about and the idea developed from there. K and I share similar design aesthetics; simple, understated and timeless. A few weeks later K supplied a selection of prototype ideas. These ranged from pouches, to simple strips of leather. A design was tweaked and chosen. It was then up to me to put together the artwork for the stamp. After a little bit of too-ing & fro-ing the stamp was outsourced and turned around in no time at all.

Once we agreed on a leather, colour, placement of the new logo and finely tuned the design a product sample was produced. I lived with it for a few days, put a different range of sized keys on it to see how it felt when in my pocket and hanging off my motorcycle & scooter headset and yep, I was really pleased with it. I loved the look & feel of it and the leather will soften and wear beautifully over time. Made from a black full grain Italian saddlery leather the design is embossed with the blog’s logo. We kept the run short and as with all the products for sale on the Enjoy The Ride site, it’s something I fancied for myself and got a few more made up.

K invited me round to her studio to see the process they went through. Here’s some shots I took whilst there.

Available to buy here…