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Enjoy The Ride Fanzine ‘Gadabout’ Issue 00

Some time ago I decided to produce a Enjoy The Ride fanzine. The fanzine had been in the pipeline for some time and being a graphic designer ( I had a real desire to translate some of the digital media into print. Newspaper stock suited the archive imagery & 35mm photography perfectly.  The concept behind the delivery was to create something mainly visual and not text heavy. There’s also something about the disposable quality of a newspaper that’s really attractive. Once the pages are filled with typography and photographs it immediately creates tension.

The first issue was dedicated to notions of adventure, voyager, gadabout (One who roams or roves about, as in search of amusement or social activity).For many of us the pleasure of riding is a means of relaxation, escapism or in some cases a kind of prozac. We ride to experience new places, meet new friends and sometimes push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. As the road broadens, so does our emotional states of mind. Work is currently underway on a second issue.

In the mean time issue #00 is available to buy here…

ETR_Front_Cover ETR_Spread ETR_Back_Cover