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Scooter – Film Archive

Possibly the most comprehensive film archive of scootering history. Jim Trewin’s You Tube Channel is packed with loads of amazing historic scooter footage kindly passed down to to him by the late Mike Karslake, a well known figure in the scootering scene.

You’ll find footage from the likes of the Manchester Lyons competing at the Isle of Man during the 60’s & 70′, Lambretta promo films and club rally films.

It really is an insight into the halcyon days of scooter sport the social scene and the production of scooters. It’s hard to believe that Innocenti produced a Lambretta every 40 secs at one point and those 10″ wheels were so popular. Still that’s progress for you! Having said that, one of the clips shows scooterist’s getting tarred with the same brush as many of us today. Just because you ride a scooter it doesn’t make you a Mod.