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Lambretta SX200

Friend & professional photographer Tim Scott of Fluid Images has an eye for detail not only for photography but also for his scooters. He’s recently had his beautiful SX200 rebuilt by Des, previously of Gran Sport and Nathan Warriner, ex of Rimini Lambretta. Inspired by the Aston Martin DBR1 it has loads of nice finishing touches. Spot lamps fitted to the legshields are new old stock Marchals. The horncast badge has been made by Carte Blanche, and finish in gold plated 18K. It’s also fitted with a crank driven Smiths rev counter… A fitting tribute & stunning scooter. 10478212_10154280481355717_6094351766591042851_n Tim Scott Lambretta


3 thoughts on “Lambretta SX200

  1. What a great SX appeal on this!
    And am amazingly rare badge for the horn casting. How & where you’ve got it? Big interest in this part… lammy freak from Japan,Shin

      • Hi David,
        this is Shin.
        very glad to know this wonderful badge in detail. so luxury part it is :D.
        now I am ordering the petit restoration of sx150 with similar green metallic & ivory T line as an accent. once done, will be shared with you. I hope I can get the special badge to attach this classic scooter!
        Thank you for your precious information. quite helpful.

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