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It’s been a bit quiet of recent on the blog, that’s because I’ve been busy working with Andrew Almond the brains behind BOLT.

Bolt is essentially about the love of engines, hanging out with friends, and that unmistakable feeling when you gun the throttle past your comfort zone. It is this, irrational impulse, that binds everyone from the creative team to the garages, and the brands stocked to the person who roasts our coffee. 

Driven by design, craftsmanship and timeless quality we stock a distinct collection of bespoke Motorcycles, Art and Apparel. British and hand made, items sold ensure durability and classic styling for years to come. Our obsessions are allowed to overflow with a stock of vintage helmets, leathers, rare books and prints. 

With an appreciation for the past, Bolt is very much about the present. We will be supporting creativity within motorcycle culture and will host monthly artist collaborations, residencies and exhibitions.

Andrew contacted me a few months ago and asked if I’d be interested in working with him on the graphic design and branding for his new venture. Of course I agreed and have been working with him since. The initial concept was to create a frame work that would easily allow the partners and collaborators to fit within it.

BOLT will be officially opening with an exhibition of Dry British illustrations, hand painted helmets & leather jackets. The shop is already stocking some awesome bikes from the like’s of Old Empire Motorcycles, tees from The Real Intellectuals to mention just a few and if you’re into your vintage helmets & leathers you won’t be disappointed.

It’s a pleasure to combine my passion for wheels and graphics and wish Andrew all the best of luck!

Arch 3 Field Works
274 Richmond Road
London, E8 3QW
United Kingdom

Mon – Sun
Opening hours 10.00 – 6.00