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AF ‘S’ Type 225 Badges

I first came across the CC badges fitted by Arthur Francis to the ‘S’ Type whilst trawling the internet looking for information on the ‘S’ Series. Well, I wanted some for my ‘S’ Type replica. So I started looking and to say they are as rare as rocking horse… well you know how the phrase goes!

It was when Darrell Milnes built his Arthur Francis ‘S’ Type 250 that I got to see them close up. He had fortunately managed to find an original set. So being a graphic designer I set to making up a set myself. Darrell kindly let me study his, I recreated the font and dimensions. Once the artwork was set up I tracked down a company who could make them for me, however, they weren’t quite the same. The company had insisted that a frame around the badge had to be in place to stop the paint coming away from the edge. So I agreed and had them made. I wasn’t too worried as I’m not a purist, or so I thought! Over time I’ve realised that I’d never been 100% satisfied with them. Plus they were very expensive!

So, after almost a year of tracking down a man who can, emails and artwork and etching samples, too-ing & froi-ing I managed to get the badges remade as near to the original. Hand crafted, numbers raised, hand painted all the way around the edge as per the originals. To say I’m pleased with the results is an understatement.

225 AF 'S' Type Badges

If you’re after that authentic touch on your vintage scooter or custom project, these are an absolute must have.

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