Ancillotti TV225 Marcello Taglialegne

Rimini Lambretta are well known in scootering circles. The shop is run by Dean Orton who acquired his first scooter at the age of 14, following on his Fathers footsteps, who was also an avid Lambretta builder during the 1970’s. He has had several scooters featured in ‘Scootering Magazine’ over the years and still regularly writes articles for the same.

Their work is quite simply exceptional and this project lives up to everything you would expect from these guys. So the story goes…

Marcello asked us to restore his Series 3 TV175 that had been tuned in the 60’s by the famous Ancillotti Bros. of Florence. The scooter came to light a few years ago after being put up for sale in a parts fair in deepest, darkest Southern Italy. It had originally been owned by a Sicilian, who had apparently commissioned the work to be carried out by Ancillotti back in the day. The new owner contacted the Ancillotti’s to check on the origins and they personally confirmed that it was one of their fabled tuned scooters.

The scooter itself was a real old dog and apart from missing the engine, the bodywork was in a terrible state with the rear section of the frame about to come away completely! Let’s just say that if this scooter was a horse then it’d have been shot. However, this is a small – but VERY important – piece of scootering history, so we at RLC had to both ‘rescue’ it with a conserved resto’ whilst maintaining it’s all the important originality. Not an easy task. After stripping and cleaning the parts, the repairs were carried out and the search was on for an original engine unit. In the main, Ancillotti used NOS 200cc Innocenti engine casings and after much searching, that’s what we located for the project. These were built up around SX200 components to ensure the scooter is ‘period correct’ and even the barrel was converted over to the Ancillotti 4 stud exhaust fixing set-up. Again, a steel hand-made inlet manifold was constructed to mount the HUGE Dell’Orto 35mm SS1 racing carb the owner asked us to mount.