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Team S Equipe 193

I first came across Steven Burke’s aka Lucky Left Hand‘s work through Southsiders MC Wheels & Waves. He designed all the promotional artwork for the event. I couldn’t resist getting in touch and asking if he’d be willing to work on a helmet for me. He agreed and I sent an old Arai Freeway helmet I had knocking about.

Over the next few months we corresponded & I sent him a few images to inspire him. To be honest I was so impressed with his work I was happy to give him a free reign and complete poetic license. One of the pointers I gave him was that my father had painted wings on his crash helmet back in the 60’s when he rode a Lambretta. You’ll see that he’s included this element. I love the way the text is wrapping in & out of the 193 (Norman Ronald’s of the the original Team S Equipe, Isle of Man competition number) A nice added touch was that Steven used some vintage paints he acquired. I have to say what he’s produced has totally surpassed my expectations!


Check out more of his work here –