Photography / Scooters

Portland Isle

What started off as a road trip to Wales, ended up a blast to Portland Isle. My father in law suggested it and we weren’t disappointed. Myself and a couple of mates decided we’d meet early Friday morning on our Lambretta’s and take all the scenic roads. I’d never been to Portland Isle before and was pleasantly surprised. We didn’t really plan our route as such and kept a relaxed attitude to what roads we’d travel on. This I have to say worked out brilliant! We started off on the A272, The the epitome of England, crossing the heartland of the southern Home Counties from Poundford in East Sussex to Winchester. From Winchester we took the back roads to Romsey and down through the New Forest, one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forests in the South east of England.

The view from the top of the Island was stunning to say the least. We stayed in a cracking little pub called the New Inn

On the Sunday we blasted back on all the fast A roads (A354) inland up to Salisbury, back to Winchester and through the South Downs.

Good weekend was had by all!