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10″ Wheels & Waves

Some photos from Wheels & Waves. Unfortunately due to work commitments I wasn’t able to make it. However, my mates Jeremy Caine & Jerry Sanders who I encouraged to go kindly took these photos and told me how much I would of loved it and missed the most amazing time! Bitter, me, no!?

Originally heading off from London to this years Euro Lambretta in Avignon. They rode over 700 miles, they then rode a further 393 miles to Biarritz. That’s not to mention the last leg of the journey to Bilbao. They certainly put those little 10″ wheels through their paces..! We salute you!

For those who have missed all the online press and interest, Wheels & Waves is hosted by Southsiders MC. Two childhood friends who were separated by their professional lives, came together to share their common passion for custom and classic motorcycles and created five years ago Southsiders and its blog.

The blog quickly snowballed with an increasingly international following, so English language was chosen over French to encourage and satisfy a wider audience, with equal importance placed on quality images and words best portraying our lifestyle and friends encountered along the way… Today, Southsiders goes far beyond motorcycling and includes cars, fashion, art, design and surfing.