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50 Years of British Style Culture 1963 – 2013

2013 sees Ben Sherman’s 50th anniversary, and to celebrate Ben Sherman pay tribute to the evolution of British menswear and the music led youth movements that make up 50 years of British style culture in a new book.

Written by Josh Sims, author of Icons of Men’s Style and contributor to titles such as The Times, Esquire and The Independent, the book traces British menswear from the first real movements that saw the youth taking their lead not from their fathers, but from other cultural cues.

Tracing these movements from the mid-1950s starting with the Teds, 50 Years of British Style Culture explores the journey through five decades of fashion, music, politics and more, whilst also giving a rare glimpse into the history of an iconic British brand, and Ben Sherman himself.

From the original stylistic references, to their evolution and eventual decline, we look at what spurred these movements on and how they came to be superseded. This is detailed through eight chapters: Teddy Boy, Mod, Rocker, Punk, Skinhead, Two Tone, Northern Soul, Casual with a foreword written by Mark Maidment, Ben Sherman’s Creative Director of 10 years. The book contains archival imagery and a unique insight into the movements that shaped a nation’s youth.