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Scooter Racing

Scooter racing evolved from very innocent Reliability Trials held by the Lambretta and Vespa Clubs back in the early 60’s. The obvious desire was to race but at the time racing was still a step or two away.

Sponsors such as BP, Castrol and Filtrate wanted to impress the public with some facts that stood their products in good stead. The swell of opinion within the scooter club movement at the time was in favour of out and out racing instead of the monotonous reliability trials, which although lots of fun, had served their purpose.

Racing for scooters was deadly serious and in the early 70’s it arrived. They had many classes and as such catered for the current scooters and capacities at that time. Over the following years scooter racing evolved into a serious sport and produced many fine young sportsmen and ladies. Ann Weir, Bev Flannagan, and June Stirrup from Manchester were top of the crop for the gals, whilst Ron Moss, Doug Miller, Colin Hart, Trev Sharp, Pete Chapman were the leading lights in the boys zone. One leading rider is missing from the above names, simply because he was the best all rounder on his Lambretta, the legendary Nev Frost, Nev who sadly past away.

If you want to know more about the halcyon days of scooter reliability trials & heady days of scooter racing check out out Team S Equipe features page. The website currently contains article’s that have been written by the ex-racers themselves and photos, some of which are exclusive to the site and information about how to convert your Lambretta to the ‘S’ Type specification. The website is as far as I know the only site dedicated to the legendary ‘S’ type Lambretta.

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