Coffee is an inexplicable elixir in times of woe and strife. A companionable constant in this all-too-steady event and information flow. A source of quiet, packing its own special noise. We drink coffee to warm the soul and mind, to bestow instantaneous ignition, and against all odds, to catch a clue. – Karl Saliter

How to make the perfect cup


1. Preheat the French Press with hot water, pour out when hot.

2. Place course ground (like sand) coffee into the beaker. 60 to 70 grams per litre, adjust to taste.*

3. Bring freshly drawn water to 96°C.

3. Gently pour just enough water to wet the grounds. Allow the coffee to ‘bubble’ and release the coffee gases.

4. Agitate with a wooden stirrer untill all grounds are saturated. Then add the rest of the water. Steep coffee for four minutes.

5. After Four minutes break the ‘crust’ and allow grounds to sink. Use two deep spoons to remove beige froth from surface.

6. Place lid and press filter gently not to let grinds through the sides. Decant all brewed coffee from french press to a warm heat friendly serving vessel.


1. Place the filter paper in the ceramic cup. Add one heaped tablespoon of medium/filter ground coffee.

2. Bring freshly drawn water to just before boiling point (95 degrees).

3. Gently pour enough water to fill your cup over the grounds (225-285ml).


1. Fill the lower chamber with freshly drawn water to the safety valve.

2. Fill the filter basket with fine/espresso ground coffee. Gently tap the filter basket to ensure there are no air pockets or gaps. Ensure the basket is full to the rim. Do not compress the grounds.

3. Remove any loose grounds from the outside rim of the basket and tightly screw on the top chamber keeping the pot upright.

4. Place the pot on a medium heat. Do not allow the water to heat too rapidly, or the coffee will be watery and will not have had time to extract the flavours out of the grounds.

5. Reduce the heat to very low if the water starts to boil. When most of the water has left the lower chamber, remove from the heat. Wait for the bubbling to ease before serving.


There are so many variables with making a good espresso. The key factors to getting good espresso from a quality espresso machine include: Using high quality fresh coffee; Correctly grinding the coffee with a high grade burr grinder; Correctly packing the accurate amount of coffee into the basket – dosing and tamping; Extracting correctly and keeping the equipment clean, which is a crucial part of insuring consistency in process and product.

Source: Volcano Coffee

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