Team S Equipe

In 1967, two brothers, John and Norman Ronald together with Nev Frost, an employee of Arthur Francis, the well known Scooter dealer based in Watford, decided to enter a team of ‘S’ type Lambretta’s into the IOM scooter race, regulations stated that “Works” teams weren’t allowed, so the guys formed their own team christened “Team ‘S’ Equipé”, unknown at the time was the fact that ‘Equipe’ in French means Team, according to Nev Frost, when this was realised, they just laughed and agreed that it was indeed, “a bloody stupid name!”

They went on to achieve great success at this event, and besides getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd; they also attained the coveted Premier Team award! Quite an achievement on the Team’s first official outing! They continued to achieve great things at several more events, and won just about everything they entered! Everyone naturally now wanted an Arthur Francis ‘S’ Type Lambretta! Not much is known about what happened to the team during the 1970s. Neville Frost worked for Supertune before he worked for Arthur Francis and left Arthur Francis and the scooter trade in 1969.

Nev continued to compete in scooter events until 1974 when he started to race Motor Cycles, winning several races including the Lord of Lydden title on a Yamaha TZ350 in 1976. He stopped motor cycle racing in 1977.