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Lambretta Li125

Whilst at the Bo Peep Hill Climb a few weeks ago I met Paddy Jordan. We got chatting about Lambretta’s and he told me about the time when only 17 years old, he rode to Milan on his Lambretta Li 125cc.

Paddy described how he rode over the Alps and almost froze. He stopped at the top of a mountain road to gather himself, and let the ice that had gathered on his chest thaw out, when a few locals ran out to see if he was ok. They took him indoors warmed him up with blankets and whiskey, then to top it off threw him a party in the evening, invited all the other locals to meet the ‘mad Englishman’.

Sadly Paddy doesn’t have any photos from his trip, however, kindly sent us this great photo of when he rode to Lands end on a camping holiday in 1965 with a friend.

He had the Lambretta from 1964 to 1968 when he part exchanged it for the BSA Victor which he sold in 1972 when he got a Berkley T60 on the road after rebuilding it. He did a BSA international rally taking a friend who had an uncle in Holland so he did the rally in Argenta in the Dordogne France and from their they went to Milan to see the Italian connection and from Milan to Nijmegen in Holland and then Home 8 day’s in total. Then got married!!

It’s what I love about owning and riding a Lambretta, everyone at some stage in their life has had some involment with these amazing 10″ wheels. Be it directly or a friend, family member or the like…

If you have any similar stories or tales you’d like us to add to the site please get in touch. We love hearing about your escapades…