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Maple Motorcycle Jeans

In 2009, Dave M. Fairbairn was a desk jockey, grinding it out day in day out at a job he absolutely hated. At the time, his sanity was maintained only through his preferred method of commuting. Every weekday, rain or shine (mostly rain) he’d jump on his Yamaha Fazer 600, and ride the 100 mile round trip from Henley-On-Thames to London, UK.  His troubles seem to melt away when he was in the saddle.

In order to avoid having to bring a second set of clothes to work so he could go out after work, and not have to walk around in my textile trousers, he found myself in the market for a pair of Kevlar® lined jeans. Well, he couldn’t find a pair of Kevlar® lined jeans that looked anything like the denim he had in my closet. He couldn’t find anything that looked even remotely stylish, or came close to meeting his standards, so he decided to make some himself. How hard could it be to make a pair of premium motorcycle jeans, that he’d actually want to wear when he wasn’t riding his bike? With no experience designing and manufacturing clothing, I sought out experts to help.

After an exhaustive search, he hired the perfect designer for the project. Satish Tailor’s a premium denim collector with decades of experience designing active sportswear, and specifically motorcycle gear. Satish is Creative Director for Puma, and led the design and development of their MotoGP race suit.

The Brief
Design the highest quality, most stylish motorcycle jeans in the world.  No ugly stitch marks where the Kevlar® is sewn in. They have to look like premium “regular jeans”.  The kind you’d be happy to wear on a night out, or even when you have no plans to ride your bike.  The kind that could become your favourite pair of jeans. No compromise by using low grade denim, or skimping out on the amount of Kevlar® coverage just to save a £ or two. Two years of development, and over 20,000 miles of personal prototype testing resulted in numerous functional changes, and Maple Jeans finally ready to go into production.

The Result

A world first – Hand crafted, Kevlar® lined, premium Japanese selvedge denim motorcycle jeans. I suppose it’s no surprise they’ve become my favourite pair of jeans whether I’m riding or not.

Maple Motorcycle Jeans